ACS Launches Updated Branding with a New Look and Renewed Commitment

Air Control Systems, Inc. (ACS), a leading commercial HVAC company based in Ontario, California, today announced the launch of a new brand and updated messaging. The move corresponds to a renewed commitment by ACS to its customers and employees, providing a level of technical expertise and superior customer service that truly differentiates it from its competition.

“If we had to choose a single word to describe the essence of ACS,” states Bob Leotaud, President & CEO of Air Control Systems, “it would be ‘passion.’ No matter the role or experience level, everyone at ACS is passionate about what they do, and that really comes through for our customers. And with our new tagline, ‘Your Comfort is Our Passion,’ we’ve made it a part of our brand as well as our culture.”

Moving away from a mark used for more than two decades, the new branding is clean, simple, and linear—and that’s anything but an accident. “At a basic level, what we do is simplify complicated and technical components into something useful and understandable,” states Chad Williams, Project Development Director at ACS,“Whether one associates the simplicity of the new design with their experience when having us on their team or sees conveyed airflow, piping, or something else, the new branding really boils down what we do into its core elements.”

The updated branding and messaging will appear across existing ACS buildings, vehicles, apparel, and equipment, as well as new sales and marketing materials, including an entirely new website. “This has been something we’ve been working on for some time,” says Jacqueline Leotaud, Director of Shared Services. “From employee to customer interviews, surveys, and workshops, we’ve made sure that everyone was included and heard. It was a really insightful process for all of us, and confirmed that the same values that founded ACS are the same ones at work today.”

“We’ve been very careful to explain this isn’t an all-new ACS,” says Bob Leotaud. “This is just an update to reflect the evolution the company has experienced over the years. If anything, we’re even more committed to making our customers as satisfied and comfortable as possible. That’s something that has defined ACS for decades, and I believe it always will.”

The new website features the new branding and messaging as well as summaries for services and videos featuring customer testimonials and staff interviews.

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Air Control Systems, Inc., is a commercial HVAC company based in Ontario, California servicing the entire southern California region. In operation since 1991, ACS offers complete design-build, HVAC installation, building automation, service repair, preventative maintenance, retrofit, and mechanical piping services with an unwavering commitment to delivering the highest levels of customer services.